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DoFollow Blogs for SEO

December 4th, 2008 by Elliott Back

It all started several years ago when Wordpress 1.5 automatically decided to add the “nofollow” attribute to all commenter’s links. Suddenly, the interlinked blog community became much less powerful, as Google no longer would treat comments as counting towards its rankings. Naturally, this upset bloggers, who retaliated by removing this new feature from Wordpress with no nofollow, or dofollow, plugins.

Dofollow plugins

The dofollow plugin from i summon one kim is simple; it removes the nofollow attribute from comments left on your blog. It is configurable to allow thresholds before the nofollow is removed, and/or apply different rules for logged in or registered users. Another popular alternative is Lucia’s Link Love.

DoFollow Blog Lists

Now it’s all in vogue to present massive lists of blogs and websites which you can coerce to give you a link without the hated nofollow tag. Several examples of which include:

Squidoo tag
StumbleUpon tag
The Ultimate List
Blogs that Follow
List of Blogs
More than 250 such
List of dofollow forums

DoFollow Search engine

There are even custom Google search appliances which both (a) return revenue to their creators when we use them, and (b) point us to targeted dofollow posts. I’m not sure how Google will combat this, except to migrate everyone onto nofollow… at which point it will have become a useless tag, because every link is using it.

It would be ironic if I used the above to find dofollow posts about dofollow to promote this post.

Dofollow Software

I actually tried out Fast Blog Finder; it’s a pretty slick product. It lets you scrape a number of search engine results for queries you enter, and returns you a list of classified (follow, nofollow) blogs for you to comment on. You can even leave comments from inside the software–it has a built in IE component. Here’s a tutorial post on how it works.

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5 Responses to “DoFollow Blogs for SEO”

  1. Rahul Singh says:

    DoFollow Diver search engine is very good – it’s very accurate.

  2. alex says:

    DoFollow Diver search engine is very good – it’s very accurate.

  3. grandstrand123@gmail.com says:

    The risk in the no-follow is the detering of visitors to one’s site. I’d rather do a manual removal of spam can afford the risk of my blog becoming a monologue.

  4. I just downloaded Fast Blog Finder yesterday in order to give it a go. I’ll test it out when I have time after Christmas and write a review on it.

    DoFollow Diver search engine is very good – it’s very accurate.

  5. Fat says:

    great article! I like it. I have made my blog nofollow too.

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